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Erie Harbor offers delightful neighborhood ambiance right at your doorstep; and the good feeling extends down the street with a host of trendy caf├ęs and shops that are just waiting for you! In the heart of the South Wedge Neighborhood, our convenient location offers residents the option to walk, drive, or take advantage of public transportation to an array of entertainment, shops and restaurants. Some of the resident favorites include:

Local School District:
Rochester City School District
[P] (585) 262-8100

Public Transportation:
Rochester Transit Services (RTS)

[P] (585) 288-1700

Gas & Electric:
Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E)

[P] (800) 743-2110

Cable, Internet, Telephone:
[P] (844) 806-1648


The Distillerty
[P] (585) 271-4105

Cheesy Eddies
[P] (585) 473-1300

Pellegrino's Deli
[P] (585) 442-6463

Napa Wood Fired Pizza
[P] (585) 232-8558

Mise En Place
[P] (585) 325-4160

John's Tex-Mex Eatery
[P] (585) 232-5830

Premier Pastry
[P] (585) 546-1420


Seneca Park Zoo
 (585) 336-7200

Rochester Museum & Science Center
[P] (585) 271-4320

The National Museum of Play
[P] (585) 263-2700

George Eastman House
[P] (585) 271-3361

Seabreeze Amusement Park
[P] (585) 323-1900

Susan B. Anthony House
[P] (585) 235-6124

Memorial Art Gallery
[P] (585) 276-8900

Highland Park
[P] (585) 753-7270